[April 01-03, 2009]
For the 1st time we did our annual retreat in spring and went to Bad Schandau on the right side of the ELbe.

[November 01-05, 2008]
In cooperation with the Czech Academy of Sciences we had a seminar on Biomolecules: Physical principles and mechanisms in the Villa Lanna in Prague. If you know the login and the password you can get material presented at the seminar.

[July 4, 2008]
Our IMPRS was evaluated during a meeting of the scientific evaluation committee consisting of Prof. W Brenig (Braunschweig), Prof. L Cederbaum (Heidelberg), Prof. P Müller (Erlangen), Prof. AM Oleś (Cracow/Poland) and Prof. K Richter (Regensburg).

[September 26-28, 2007]
We went to the Zirkelstein in Schöna for our annual fall meeting to welcome new students in the school.

[August 27 - September 8, 2007]
A bunch of us took part in the MINERVA summer school on "Laser-matter interaction" held at the mpi-pks.

[October 4-6, 2006]
We went to Gohrisch for our annual fall meeting to welcome new students in the school.

[May 22-25, 2006]
We went to Wrcolaw for a spring meeting on superconductivity and other hot topics.
We had dinner here and there.

[February 2+3, 2006]
During a one-and-half-day presentation skill seminar we learned how a good talk should be.

[September 1-3, 2005]
At the two-days workshop in Königstein we managed to climb up the Lilienstein on the other side of the Elbe.

[September 1, 2005]
The official opening ceremony took place at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.
Jiri Berger and Eva Meliskova, students from the Hochschule für Musik "Carl Maria von Weber" Dresden, provided the musical framework.