seminar programme from October 2009 to June 2010
Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room
a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed
by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker

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date speaker title
Sep 30Christoph-Marian Goletz (TUD) A semiclassical hike to the border territory
Michael Thoss (Universität Erlangen‑Nürnberg) Dynamics of electron transfer processes in molecular systems at surfaces
Nov 11Alexej Mikaberidze (PKS) Ultrafast creation of a resonant nanoplasma inside doped helium droplets
Jan Peter Toennies (MPI for Dynamics and Self‑Organization) Microscopic superfluidity of helium clusters
Dec 9Steffen Löck (TUD) Dynamical tunneling in systems with a mixed phase space
Holger Schanz (FH Magdeburg) Self-pulsed electron transmission in a transversal magnetic field
Jan 20Fei Tang (TUD) Magnetic structures of Tm2PdSi3 studied by neutron scattering
Ernst Bauer (Vienna University of Technology) Occurrence of two quantum critical points in Yb2Pd2Sn or why Yb systems do not behave mirror-like to Ce compounds
Feb 24Alexey Alfonsov (IFW) High-field electron spin resonance on (Gd,La)O1-xFxFeAs superconductors
Michael Schreiber (Technische Universität Chemnitz) The modified sharpened index hms and other variants in the Hirsch index zoo
Mar 17Nils Henkel (PKS) 3D roton excitations and supersolids in laser-driven Bose-Einstein condensates
Georgy Shlyapnikov (Universite Paris‑Sud) From fermionic atoms to polar molecules: Prospects for novel physics
April 21Hugo Vieyra (CPfS) Evidence for unconventional d-wave superconducting state in CeCu_2Si_2
Michael Lang (Goethe University Frankfurt/M) Molecular solids - tunable many-body systems
May 19Ondrej Marsalek (IOCB) Ab initio molecular dynamics of the hydrated electron
Bernd von Issendorff (University Freiburg) Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of simple metal clusters
Jun 9Jan Heyda (IOCB) Different denaturation pathways of a small peptide triggered by urea and guanidinium
Axel Voigt (Technische Universität Dresden) Local approximations to classical density functional theory with applications in soft and condensed matter physics

seminar programme from October 2008 to June 2009
Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room
a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed
by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker

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date speaker title
Oct 8Annu Thomas (CPfS) Biomimetic growth and morphology control of calcium oxalates
Dirk Zahn (MPI-CPfS Dresden) Biominerals in silico: New insights into the mechanisms of nucleation and growth control from computer simulations
Nov 12Martin Schlesinger (TUD) A damping model for molecular dynamics on helium nanodroplets
Thomas Baumert (University of Kassel) Ultrafast laser control of coherent and incoherent laser induced processes
Dec 10Waltraut Wustmann (TUD) Occupation probabilities of Floquet states in driven systems with a mixed phase space
Ulrich Kuhl (Philipps-University Marburg) Experimental wavechaos
Jan 28Andreia Popa (IFW) Electrochemistry and magnetism in Lithium doped compounds
Jürgen Köhler (Universität Bayreuth) Sunlight, purple bacteria, and quantum mechanics
Feb 25Beate Bergk (FZD) Anisotropic multiband many-body interactions in LuNi2B2C
Wulf Wulfhekel (Universität Karlsruhe) Magnetic excitations on the nano-scale studied with inelastic scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Mar 18Aroon O'Brien (PKS) Kagome lattice structures with charge degrees of freedom
Thierry Giamarchi (University of Geneva) Ultracold atomic gases: The perfect quantum simulators?
May 06*) Lars Bittrich (TUD) Flooding of regular phase space islands by chaotic states
Jan Wiersig (Universität Magdeburg) Quantum chaos in optical microcavities
May 27Sigmund Heller (TUD) The thermal Bose gas - a stochastic approach
Jörg Schmiedmayer (Technische Universität Wien) Integrated circuits for matter waves
Jun 24Liran Wang (IFW) Thermodynamic studies of iron-based superconductors
Udo Buck (MPI for Dynamics and Self-organization Goettingen) Sodium water clusters as indication of an ocean in one of the Saturn moons
*) Note, that the date was shifted by a week!
seminar programme from October 2007 to June 2008
Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room
a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed
by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker

date speaker title
Oct 10Vardan Apinyan (ILTSR) Spin-rotational invariant approach to the Hubbard model
E.K.U. Gross (Freie Universität Berlin) Time-dependent density functional theory: From spectroscopy and quantum transport to optimal control
Nov 7Christian Gnodtke (PKS) Coherent diffractive imaging of atomic clusters with XFEL pulses
Alain Aspect (Laboratoire Charles Fabry Paris) Wave particle-duality with a single photon: The delayed choice Gedanken-Experiment at last a real experiment
Dec 5cancelled
Jan 23Katrin Koch (CPfS) The electric field gradient (EFG): Implementation in FPLO
Roland Wiesendanger (Universität Hamburg) Dynamical processes in magnetic nano- structures studied by time- and spin-resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Feb 20Wojciech Miiller (CPfS) Observation of Non-Fermi liquid behaviour in URh0.62Ru0.38Ge
Hubertus Wabnitz (DESY Hamburg) High-intensity experiments at the free-electron laser in Hamburg (FLASH)
Mar 19Orkidia Zeneli (IFW) Epitaxial manganite and titanate thin films on piezoelectric substrates
Tobias Kippenberg (MPI Quantum Optics Garching) Cavity optomechanics: Backaction cooling of mechanical oscillators
April 16Alexander Croy (PKS) Time-resolved electron transport in double quantum dots
Alexander Altland (Universität zu Köln) Recent developments in quantum chaos
May 7Alexander Mai (TUD) New renormalization approach to the periodic Anderson model
Wolfgang Schleich (Universität Ulm) Factorisation of numbers, Schrödinger cats and the Riemann hypothesis
June 11Cristina Bran (IFW) Magnetization processes in AF coupled [Co/Pt]/Ru multilayers
Steven L Johnson (Paul Scherrer Institut Villingen) Femtosecond X-ray crystallography of bismuth and tellurium: Dynamics on the time scale of an optical phonon period

seminar programme from October 2006 to June 2007
Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room
a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed
by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker

date speaker title
Oct 11Jan Handt (TUD) Molecular dynamics of C60 in intense laser fields using time-dependent density functional theory
Gert-Ludwig Ingold (University of Augsburg) Residual conductance of correlated one-dimensional nanosystems
Nov 8Ch Kramberger (IFW) 1D Electronic properties of bulk vs. individual and aligned single-wall carbon nanotubes
Manfred Taut (IFW Dresden) Novel type of quantum oscillations in strong magnetic fields
Dec 6Grzegorz Urbanik (IFW) Surface properties of cleaved YBa2Cu3O6.6 crystals studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Tilman Pfau (University of Stuttgart) Novel interactions in quantum gases
Jan 17Wenxu Zhang (IFW) Magnetic properties of AFe2 (A=Y, Zr, Hf, Lu) under pressure
Markus Grüninger (RWTH Aachen) Quest for orbital waves in transition metal oxides
Feb 14Marek Pasciak (CPfS) Molecular dynamics investigation of ferroelectric phase transition and domain formation in barium titanate
Pavel Jungwirth (Czech Academy of Sciences) Ions at surfaces of hydrated proteins and other interfaces
Mar 14Ivan Liu (PKS) Rydberg excitation and photoassociation in an ultracold dense gas
Frank Stienkemeier (Universität Freiburg) Dynamics and coherence in doped helium nanodroplets
April 11Ionuţ Georgescu (PKS) Probing cluster dynamics with atto-second XUV laser pulses
Peter Blaha (Technische Universität Wien) Simulations of nanostructures and phase transitions using WIEN2k
May 9Ricardo Alberto Pinto (PKS) Quantum localized modes in coupled Josephson-junction qubits
Ferenc Simon (Budapest University) Magnetic resonance studies of novel carbon nanostructures
June 6Igor Baburin (TUD) Metal-organic frameworks - geometrical design and quantum-chemical calculations
Eleanor E.B. Campbell (Chalmers Göteborg) Femtosecond laser ionisation of fullerenes and fullerene clusters

seminar programme from October 2005 to June 2006
Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room
a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student, followed
by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker

date speaker title
Oct 6 *)Alberto Zobelli (TUD) Point defects and dislocation lines in single walled BN nanotubes: HREM direct observation and ab-initio simulations
Jürgen Schnack (University Osnabrück) A short introduction into magnetic molecules
Nov 2Christian Thiele (IFW) Multi-ferroic manganite/PZT bilayers: Field effect vs. strain effect
Stefan Goedecker (University Basel) Minima hopping: An efficient search method for the global minimum of the potential energy surface of complex systems
Dec 7Andreas Neudert (IFW) Magnetization dynamics in Permalloy thin film elements investigated by stroboscopic wide-field Kerr microscopy
Wojciech Suski (ILTSR Wroclaw) Magnetism and f-electron materials
Jan 18Igor Popov (TUD) Structural and Electronic properties of the molybdenum sulfide clusters on a gold (111) surface
Christian Rüegg (University College London) Quantum phase transitions in magnetic insulators - An expedition into challenging phase diagrams by neutron spectroscopy ...
Feb 8Jan-Peter Ismer (MPI-PKS) Dynamical spin susceptibility in the pseudogap state of the underdoped cuprate superconductors
Wolfram Brenig (TU Braunschweig) Phases and Spindynamics of Complex Quantum Magnets
March 8Pawel Wielgus (MPI-CPfS) On the influence of microsolvation by argon atoms on the electron affinity properties of water dimer
Warren Picket (University of California) Frustrated rattler atoms in the beta-pyrochlore superconductors
April 12Silvio Baier (MPI-PKS) Double ionization of H2 interacting with an intense laser pulse
Robert Moshammer (MPI-K Heidelberg) Atomic and molecular dynamics in strong laser fields
May 10Lars Schilling (TUD) Dynamical tunneling in a mixed phase space
Holgert Schanz (MPI-DS Göttingen) Ratchet transport: From Parrondo games to kicked atom
June 14Jan-Peter Ismer (MPI-PKS) Theory of INS in high-TC cuprates: Superconducting and pseudo-gap state
Peter Fulde (MPI-PKS) Metals with heavy quasi-particles

*) Note, seminar is exceptionally on Thursday!

seminar programme from February to July 2005
Wednesday 4:30 pm, two talks with a coffee break
MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room

date speaker title
Feb 23A Bäcker (TUD) Chaotic dynamics - classical and quantum
KW Becker (TUD) Renormalization methods for the investigation of quantum critical points
Mar 23Y Grin (MPI-CPfS) Electron counting for intermetallic compounds
H Eschrig (IFW) Density functional methods
Apr 20G Seifert (TUD) DFT based methods for atomistic simulations
J Sznajd (ILTSR) Renormalization group approach to weakly interacting spin and fermion chains
May 11S Kümmel (MPI-PKS) Electron dynamics from time-dependent density functional theory: basics, problems and chances
B Büchner (IFW) Aspects of the magnetism in cuprates and molecular nanostructures
Jun 15S Leoni (MPI-CPfS) Molecular dynamics simulations of real materials
M Loewenhaupt (TUD) Neutron scattering and the PANDA project
Jul 13R Schäfer (IFW) Stroboscopic microscopy of dynamic magnetization processes
J Wosnitza (FZ Rossendorf) Metals at high magnetic fields