Seminar program Oct 2010 - Jun 2011

Date Student talk Invited talk
Oct 27 Georg Bannasch (MPIPKS):
Collisions and recombination in ultracold neutral plasmas
Jose Tito Mendonca (Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisboa):
Collective processes in ultra-cold matter
Nov 10 Ezgi Erdogan (TUD):
Electromechanical properties of graphene nanoribbons
Igor Popov (Trinity College Dublin):
Multiferroic properties of magnesium borides
Dec 8 Julius Helm (TUD):
On the quantumness of decoherence
Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler (Universität Mainz):
Designing spin-spin interactions in cold ion crystals
Jan 12 Lena Simon (TUD):
Semiclassical dynamics of ultracold Bosons in a double-well potential
Markus Oberthaler (Universität Heidelberg):
Quantum atom optics with Bose Einstein condensates : N-particles in two modes
Feb 2 Martin Richter (TUD):
Quantum properties of 4D area preserving maps
Jörg Main (Universität Stuttgart):
Variational approach to Bose-Einstein condensates with long-range interactions
Mar 9 Thomas Brumme (TUD):
Towards molecular electronics: Ab initio modeling of molecule-surface interactions
Andreas Buchleitner (Universität Freiburg):
Transport, disorder and entanglement
Apr 20 Mohammad Siahatgar (MPI-CPfS):
Exact diagonalization approach to the frustrated Heisenberg model on the square lattice
Gertrud Zwicknagl (Technische Universität Braunschweig):
Localization -- delocalization: The f-electron's double life
May 18 Matthias Michler (TUD):
Quantum signatures of partial barriers in phase space
Gregor Tanner (University of Nottingham):
Dynamical energy analysis -- Determining wave energy distributions in vibro-acoustical structures in the high-frequency regime
Jun 15 Milan Ončák (PICT):
Light-Induced Processes in Water: Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Dynamics
Bernd Abel (Universität Leipzig):
Binding motifs of solvated electrons and water molecules in liquid water from time-resolved photoelectron emission spectroscopy
Aug 11 Special summer seminar Thomas Pattard (APS Editorial Office, Ridge, NY):
How to publish your work in the Physical Review or Editors are from Mars, Referees are from Venus, and Authors are from Earth