Summer term 2011:

General lecture Ultracold Quantum Gases

lecturer:Prof. W Strunz (TUD)
time:on Mondays 1.00 pm - 2.30 pm
on Thursdays 2.50 pm - 4.20 pm
location: BZW (room A 120)
content:Quantum statistics
Bose-Einstein condensation and realisation
Properties of an ideal Bose-condensate
Interacting gas
Mean field and excitations
Degenerated Fermi-gases
Quantum phase transition

General lecture Nanostructured Materials

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (TUD)
time:(lecture) on Tuesdays 9:20 am...10:50 pm
(exercise) on Wednesdays 1:00 pm...2:30 pm and 2:50...4:20 pm
location: Hallwachsstr. 3 (room 115)
content:scaling laws, mesoscopic systems, quantum effects
synthesis of clusters and nanotubes
density of states and electron transport in low-dimensional systems
theoretical foundations of scanning tunnelling microscopy,
atomic force microscopy, chemical atomic force microscopy,
and near-field scanning optical microscopy
nanostructuring via electron beam lithography, optical lithography,
and scanning probe techniques
giant magnetoresistance, single-electron devices
lab classes for scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy

Special lecture Relativistic theory of the atom

lecturer:Dr. A Volotka (TUD)
time:on Wednesdays 2.50 pm - 4.20 pm
location: SE2 (room 201)
content:Quantization of Dirac and Maxwell fields (summary)
Perturbation expansion of the Green functions
Dirac equation in the Coulomb field
Many-electron and QED effects
Nuclear effects
Atom in external fields
Radiative transitions
Computational methods