Summer term 2012

The time window for the summer term 2012 is
Apr 2 - May 25, 2012 and Jun 4 - Jul 14, 2012.
The following lectures are offered:

General lecture Stochastic Processes

lecturer:Prof. R Schilling (Institute for Mathematical Stochastics, TUD)
time:Lecture: On Tuesdays 14:50-16.20; On Wednesdays 14:50-16.20
Exercise: On Thursdays 11.10-12.40
location:Lecture: WIL A124 (Zellescher Weg 12-14)
Exercise: WIL C103 (Zellescher Weg 12-14)
content:An introduction to Brownian motion (and more general Markov processes), sample path properties, generators & semigroups, stochastic calculus. Prerequisites: A course in mathematical probability, in particular (discrete) martingales

General lecture Nanostructured Materials

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:Lecture: On Tuesdays, 9.20-10.50
Exercise: On Wednesdays, 13.00-14.30
location:room 115, Hallwachsstr. 3
content:scaling laws, mesoscopic systems, quantum effects, synthesis of clusters and nanotubes, density of states and electron transport in low-dimensional systems, theoretical foundations of scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, chemical atomic force microscopy, and near-field scanning optical microscopy, nanostructuring via electron beam lithography, optical lithography, and scanning probe techniques, giant magnetoresistance, single-electron devices, lab classes for scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy

Special lecture Atomic Bose-Einstein condensates and Rydberg gases

lecturer:Dr. S Wüster (MPI-PKS)
time:On Wednesdays 14:50-16:20
location:BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
content:Ultra-cold atomic gases: statistics, trapping, cooling, scattering
Bose-Einstein Condensates:
Gross-Pitaevskii theory and beyond, quantum simulation
Rydberg atoms: wave-functions, excitation
Rydberg gases: dipole blockade, excitation transport, Rydberg dressing

Special lecture Topics in Advanced Many Body Physics

lecturer:Dr. S Kirchner (MPI-PKS)
time:Lecture: On Mondays 9.20 - 10.50
Exercise: On Thursdays 11.10 - 12.40
location:BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
content:Second quantisation and response-functions, Green’s functions, Path integrals in quantum mechanics, Coherent-state path-integrals for bosons, fermions and spin variables, Many-body perturbation methods, The Landau Fermi liquid theory (Phenomenological and microscopic approach), Bosonisation, The Kondo model, Large N-methods, Dynamical Mean-Field Theory, Quantum Phase Transitions

Special lecture Stochastic Calculus

lecturer:Prof. R Schilling (Institute for Mathematical Stochastics, TUD)
time:On Mondays 13.00-14.30
location:WIL B321 (Zellescher Weg 12-14)
content:A non-technical introduction to Ito Calculus: From random walk to Brownian motion, stochastic integrals, stochastic differential equations.
Prerequisites: elementary probability theory (no prior knowledge of stochastic processes is assumed) and real analysis