Summer term 2013

The time window for the summer term 2013 is
Apr 8 - May 17, 2013 and May 27 - July 20, 2013.
The following lectures are offered:

General lecture Nanostructured Materials

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:Lecture: On Tuesdays, 9.20-10.50
Exercise: On Wednesdays, 13.00-14.30
location:Hallwachsstr. 3, room 115 (Lecture) / room 117 (Exercise)
content:scaling laws, mesoscopic systems, quantum effects, synthesis of clusters and nanotubes, density of states and electron transport in low-dimensional systems, theoretical foundations of scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, chemical atomic force microscopy, and near-field scanning optical microscopy, nanostructuring via electron beam lithography, optical lithography, and scanning probe techniques, giant magnetoresistance, single-electron devices, lab classes for scanning tunnelling and atomic force microscopy

Special lecture Non-linear optical spectroscopy

lecturer:Dr. A Eisfeld (MPI-PKS)
time:On Thursdays, 10.45-12.15
location:Seminar room 3, MPI-PKS, Nöthnitzer Str. 38
content: Non-linear optical spectroscopy is used in many areas of physics, chemistry and biology. It allows one to obtain information on quantum dynamics on the fs-scale. One of the prominent examples is the observation of long lasting coherent beatings in photosynthesis. In this lecture the basic formalism is derived and specific experimental techniques are discussed.
For more information, see also the lecture homepage here »

Special lecture Introduction to Bionanotechnology

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
Dr. J Opitz (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:On Fridays, 9.20-10.50
location:Seminar room B1, Max-Bergmann-Center, Budapester Str. 27
content: Applications of biomimetical principles for the synthesis of nanostructures and nanopatterns and the molecular structure of biomaterials. The main topics are:
Cellular machines and the engineering approach, DNA based nanotechnology, BioNEMS, Interaction of biomolecules and solid state surfaces, Biotemplating: nanomaterial synthesis based on proteins and DNA, Template development in biological structures, Antibody and aptamere - intelligent nano-building-blocks, Physical principals, Biomolecular sensor technology

Special lecture Topology and new kinds of order in condensed matter

lecturer:Prof. R Moessner (MPI-PKS)
Dr. F Pollmann (MPI-PKS)
time:On Thursdays, 16.40-18.10
location:Seminar room 1, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38)
content: Phases of matter and Landau-theory of symmetry breaking, Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions, Integer and fractional quantum Hall effect, Topological insulators, Fractionalization and topological order, Topological spin liquids, Exactly solvable models, Anyons and topological quantum computing
See also the lecture homepage here »

Special lecture Atomic Bose-Einstein condensates and Rydberg gases

lecturer:Dr. S Wüster (MPI-PKS)
time:On Wednesdays, 16.40-18.10
NOTE: possible shift on Apr. 17 and June 19. due to clash with IMPRS seminar
location:BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
content:Ultra-cold atomic gases: statistics, trapping, cooling, scattering
Bose-Einstein Condensates:
Gross-Pitaevskii theory and beyond, quantum simulation
Rydberg atoms: wave-functions, excitation, interaction, dipole blockade
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Special lecture series Graduate Lectures in Mathematics

lecturer:Prof. R Schilling (Institute for Mathematical Stochastics, TUD)
time:On Tuesdays, 9.20-10.50
NOTE: First lecture on Apr. 16th
location:WIL A124 (Zellescher Weg 12-14)
content:This series of lectures offers a first glimpse into topics which are not routinely taught in the MSc/PhD mathematics programme. The emphasis is to introduce new concepts and techniques, and not to present full mathematical details.
Topics: Introduction to KAM theory, Copulas, Gradient systems and their applications, Duality theory
See also the poster for more details here »

Special lecture Theoretical Biophysics

lecturer:Prof. F Jülicher (MPI-PKS)
time:Lecture: On Tuesdays, 11.10-12.40, Exercise: On Thursdays, 14.50-16.20
location: Seminar room 3, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38)
content:Statistical physics of polymers and biological membranes, active processes, stochastic motion in potential landscapes, dynamics of biological molecules


lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:On Thursdays, 13.00-14.00
location:Seminar room 115, Hallwachsstr. 3
content: The seminar series features invited talks by international renowned scientists and researcher from academia and industry.