Winter term 2011/2012

The time window for the winter term 2011/2012 is
Oct 10 - Dec 21, 2011 and Jan 4 - Feb 4, 2012.
The following lectures are offered:

General lecture Chaos and Quantum Chaos

lecturer:Prof. R Ketzmerick (Computational Physics, TUD)
time:Mondays 11.10 - 12.40; Tuesdays 7.30 - 9.00
location:BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
content:Hamiltonian chaos: dynamical systems, KAM-theorem
origin of chaotic dynamics, transport in phase space
quantum signatures of chaos: spectra, eigenstates,
semiclassics, Gutzwiller trace formula,
random matrix theory, experimental systems.
Computer simulations will be used for visualization.

General lecture Concepts of molecular modeling

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:Lecture: on Tuesdays 9.20 - 10.50
Exercise: on Wednesdays 13.00 - 14.30
Lab course: on Wednesdays 14.50 - 16.20
location:room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3
content:general features of molecular mechanics force fields
energy minimization and general methods for energy surfaces
statistical and thermodynamic physical properties:
Monte Carlo sampling and molecular dynamics simulations
Computational quantum mechanics
one-electron atoms; molecular orbitals
Hückel theory, Hartree-Fock equations, DFT
Elements of structure prediction, Car-Parinello-like simulations

General lecture Non-Equilibrium Physics: Classical and Quantum

lecturer:Prof. M Vojta (Solid State Theory, TUD)
time:Mondays 13.00 - 14.30; Thursdays 11.10 - 12.40
location:Mondays: BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
Thursdays: SE2 102 (Zellescher Weg 20)
content:Langevin dynamics
Boltzmann equation
Stochastic processes
Non-equilibrium phase transitions
Non-equilibrium field theory
Keldysh formalism

General lecture Computational Dynamics

lecturer:Prof. K Padberg-Gehle (Institute for Scientific Computing, TUD)
time:Lecture: on Tuesdays 11.10 - 12.40
Exercise: on Mondays 11.10 - 12.40
location:Lecture: Willersbau, WIL C133
Exercise: Willersbau, WIL A221
content:numerical tools for analysis of long-time behaviour of dynamical systems
fixed points and bifurcations
periodic solutions
homo-/heteroclinic orbits
invariant manifolds

Special lecture Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices

lecturer:Dr. A Eckardt (MPI-PKS)
time:Thursdays 9.20 - 10.50
location:BZW A120 (Zellescher Weg 17)
content:Ultracold atoms in optical lattices are artificially created quantum systems.
introduction to theoretical description of these novel systems
realizing optical lattice potentials for neutral atoms
description in terms of Hubbard-type models
dimensionally reduced systems, superfluid to mott-insulator transition
measuring correlation functions:
absorption imaging, self-averaging and noise correlation spectroscopy
self-trapping, tunnel control by lattice shaking

Seminar Current Topics in Materials Science

Presenting, publishing and funding: Talks, Theses, Papers, Patents and Proposals
lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:Fridays 11.10 - 12.40
location:room 115, Hallwachsstraße 3
content:In overview talks guided by experienced tutors, the participants will introduce each other to the basics of scientific presenting, publishing and funding schemes.