Winter term 2012/2013

The time window for the winter term 2012/2013 is
Oct 8 - Dec 21, 2012 and Jan 7 - Feb 2, 2013.

The following lectures are offered:

General lecture Concepts of Molecular Modeling

lecturer:Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:Lecture: on Tuesdays, 9.20-10.50
Exercise: on Wednesdays, 13.00-14.30
Practical course: on appointment
location:PAU/212/H, Georg-Bähr-Str. 3b
content: General features of molecular mechanics force fields, Energy minimization and general methods for energy surfaces, Statistical and thermodynamic physical properties: Monte Carlo sampling and molecular dynamics simulations, Computational quantum mechanics, One-electron atoms, Molecular orbitals, Hückel theory, Hartree-Fock equations, DFT, Elements of structure prediction, Car-Parinello-like simulations

General lecture Theoretical Femtosecond Physics

lecturer:Dr. F Grossmann (Theoretical Physics, TUD)
time:On Thursdays, 9.20-10.50 (Lecture)
On Thursdays, 14.50-16.20 (Lecture / Exercise, alternating)
location:BZW A120, Zellescher Weg 17
content: Introduction to laser theory, Time-dependent formulation of quantum theory, Atom-laser interaction, Above-threshold and multi-photon ionization, High-harmonic-order generation, Molecule-laser interaction, Femtosecond spectroscopy, Coherent control, Quantum computing

General lecture Quantum Theory of Solids:
Order and Elementary Excitations

lecturer:Prof. J van den Brink (Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW)
Dr. C Ortix (Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW)
time:On Mondays, 11.10-12.40 (Lecture)
On Wednesdays, 13.00-14.30 (Lecture / Exercise, alternating)
location: IFW, room D2E.31, Helmholtzstr. 20
content: Thermodynamics, Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Landau-theory of phase transitions, Phonons, Order, disorder and quasi-order, Condensates, Quantum magnetism, Fermions, Electrons in Metals, Theory of Fermi liquids, The tight binding method, Graphene, Topological states in condensed matter

General lecture Nonlinear Dynamics

lecturer:Prof. H Kantz (Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, MPIPKS)
Dr. E Altmann (Dynamical Systems and Social Dynamics, MPIPKS)
time:On Mondays, 14.50-16.20
On Fridays, 14.40-16.20
NOTE: First lecture on Oct. 15th!
location:BZW A120, Zellescher Weg 17
content: Dynamical systems in continuous and discrete time, Fixed points and their bifurcations, Routes to chaos, Intermittency, Fractals and concepts of dimensionality, Information theory

Special lecture Computational Materials Science:
Advanced Continuum Modeling

lecturer:Dr. M Bobeth (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:On Mondays, 7.30-9.00 (Lecture)
On Wednesdays, 9.20-10.50, every second week (Exercises)
location:Hallwachsstr. 3, seminar room 115, PC pool
content: Advanced mathematical methods for continuum modeling, Determination of effective macroscopic properties of complex phase morphologies, Modeling of diffusion-convection-processes during microstructure development, Growth processes driven by external fields and capillary driven interface movement (e.g. nanowire growth from solution, sintering), Phase field modeling for simulation of complex phase boundary evolution, Finite-difference- and spectral methods for numerical solution of related partial differential equations, Variational formulation and solution by the finite element method

Special lecture Nonlinear Quantum Optics

lecturer: Dr. T Pohl (Complex Dynamics in Cold Gases, MPIPKS)
time:On Wednesdays, 7.30-9.00
location:BZW A120, Zellescher Weg 17
content: Basic principles of quantum optics, Quantized light and its representation, Coherent and squeezed light, Light-matter interactions, Slow and stopped light, Nonlinear media, Cavity quantum electrodynamics, Measurement-induced nonlinearities, Interaction-induced nonlinearities, Applications in quantum information science

Special lecture Theory of Ultracold Atoms

lecturer: Dr. A Eckardt (Quantum Chaos and Quantum Dynamics, MPIPKS)
time:On Wednesdays, 16.40-18.10
location:BZW A120, Zellescher Weg 17
content: Ultracold atoms in optical lattices are artificially created quantum systems, which allow to study quantum physics of interacting many-body systems under extremely clean and controlled conditions. This lecture provides an introduction to the theoretical description of these novel systems.

Seminar Current Topics in Materials Science

lecturer: Prof. G Cuniberti (Materials Science and Nanotechnology, TUD)
time:On Fridays, 11.10-12.40, Exception: Thu., Oct. 25th, 13.00
NOTE: Participants should send an e-mail to
location:Hallwachsstr. 3, seminar room 115
content: Tutor presentations on: Scientific presentation, Leadership, Scientific marketing, Industrial property protection
Student presentations on current topics in materials science, including but not limited to: new materials, solar cells, bioenergy, fuel cells, thermoelectricity, green computing, energy production and storage