Seminar programme Oct. 2016 - June 2017

Wednesday 4:30 pm, MPI-PKS (Nöthnitzer Str. 38) seminar room

a pre-talk (20+5min) given by an IMPRS student,
followed by an invited talk (40+5min) given by an external speaker
Date Student talk Invited talk
Oct 12 David Walther Schoenleber
Shaping environments for Rydberg aggregates
Thierry Lahaye
(CNRS Paris Sud):
Implementing spin Hamiltonians in 2d arrays of single Rydberg atoms
Nov 2 Valentin Walther
Nonlinear Optics with Semiconductor Rydberg-Excitons
Stefan Scheel
Inst. of Phys., Univ. Rostock:
Rydberg excitons in cuprous oxide
Dec 14 Callum Murray
Reflective photon interactions in strongly interacting atomic ensembles
Gerhard Rempe
MPI quantum Optics, Garching:
Rydberg photonics
Jan 4 Koen van Kruining
Electron vortex beams in a magnetic field
Mark Dennis
(Univ. Bristol):
Swings and Roundabouts: Operators and Rays for structured Gaussian beams