List of exemplary PhD projects

Finite Systems (MPI-PKS)

  • Dynamics of ultra-cold Rydberg gases and plasmas (Rost)
  • Photo processes in few electron quantum dots (Rost)
  • Attosecond control of nano-plasmas (Rost/Saalmann)
  • Atomic many-body systems in strong laser fields (Rost/Saalmann)
  • Coherent diffractive imaging (Rost/Saalmann)

Quantum Aggregates (MPI-PKS)

  • Dynamics of a nanoscale rotor driven by single-electron tunneling (Eisfeld)
  • Charge shuttles (Eisfeld)
  • Organic molecules on dielectric surfaces (Eisfeld)
  • QM/MM description of light harvesting systems (Eisfeld)
  • Non-linear spectroscopy (Eisfeld)

Institute for Theoretical Physics (TUD)

  • Chaotic eigenfunctions extending into regular regions (Ketzmerick)
  • Search for quantum signatures of Levy walks (Ketzmerick)
  • Theoretical predictions for atom-optic experiments on mixed systems (Ketzmerick)
  • Inelastic tunneling through magnetic molecules (Timm)
  • Transport theory for nanoscopic systems beyond rate equations (Timm)
  • Surface states of disordered topological insulators (Vojta)
  • Nuclear-spin decoherence and limits to quantum criticality (Vojta)
  • Initial value representation of time-dependent semiclassical quantum dynamics (Großmann)
  • Semiclassical description of many particle systems and nonclassical effects like tunneling and diffraction (Großmann)
  • Inelastic transport of electrons through single molecules (Großmann)

Materials Science and Nanotechnology (TUD)

  • Theoretical study of STM conduction experiments on organic molecules (Cuniberti)
  • Graphene spintronics: spin-dependent transport in graphene nanoribbons (Cuniberti)
  • Switching at the molecular scale: theoretical study of molecular switches via density-functional theory (Cuniberti)
  • Charge transport and dynamics in DNA (Cuniberti)

Institute for Scientific Computing (TUD)

  • Large scale orbital-free DFT simulation (Voigt)
  • Classical dynamic density functional theory and phase field crystal modeling of material defects (Voigt)
  • Spherical crystallography - studying grain boundary scars and other topological defects (Voigt)
  • Mesoscopic modeling of colloidal fluids (Voigt)
  • Efficient numerical analysis of classical transport (Padberg-Gehle)
  • Transfer operator methods for studying driven dynamical systems (Padberg-Gehle)
  • Parallel algorithms for time-dependent processes (Padberg-Gehle)

Chemical Metals Science (MPI-CPfS)

  • Synthesis and chemical physics of new classes of intermetallic compounds (Grin)
  • Analysis of the chemical bonding in the intermetallic compounds (Grin)

Institute for Physics (TUC)

  • Simulation of multifractal electrons in disordered systems (Schreiber)
  • Random matrix theory for electronic states in quasicrystals (Schreiber)

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (Prague)

  • Molecular dynamics simulations of interactions of ions with hydrated proteins (Jungwirth)
  • Molecular simulations of hydrated phospholipid membranes (Jungwirth)
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of surface properties and phase transitions in water and aqueous solutions (Jungwirth)

Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research (Wrocław)

  • Interplay of magnetism and superconductivity in heavy-fermion systems - competition, coexistence, coupling
  • Novel quantum critical phenomena and unconventional metallic properties
  • Exotic Kondo effects in crystalline solids
  • Layered superconductors, superfluid to Mott insulator transtition
  • Quantum dissipation in Josephson junction arrays.
  • Nanometric materials for photonics and spintronics
  • Downconversion of high energy radiation in wide band-gap materials
  • Critical behaviour of weakly coupled fermion and spin chains