Students of the school

  • Abdussalam, Wildan
    Long-range and non-local interactions in laser-driven ultra cold gases
    (Dr. T Pohl)

  • Alaimo, Francesco
    Spatiotemporal patterns in complex geometries
    (Prof. A Voigt)

  • Amon, Alfred
    Synthesis of novel lattice compunds and investigation of chemical bonds
    (Prof. Y Grin)

  • Baghery, Mehrdad
    Dynamics of rare gas clusters under intense light pulses: from long to short wavelengths
    (Prof. JM Rost)

  • Buchholz, Max
    Semiclassical dynamics for finite systems
    (PD Dr. F Großmann)

  • Celestino, Alan
    Coupling of electronic and motional degrees of freedom in nano-devices
    (Dr. A Eisfeld)

  • Chalabala, Jan
    Dynamical studies of processes initiated by high energy radiation in molecules
    (Prof. P Slavicek)

  • Chandra Morampudi, Siddhardh
    Quantum information concepts in condensed matter physics
    (Dr. F Pollmann)

  • Clauß, Konstantin
    Classical and Quantum Mechanics in Chaotic Dynamical Systems with Energy Loss
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Dey, Santanu
    Disorder in low-dimensional frustrated quantum magnets
    (Prof. M Vojta)

  • Fiedlschuster, Tobias
    Ab-initio quantum theory of finite atomic many-body systems in tailored fields
    (Prof. R Schmidt)

  • Fritzsch, Felix
    Resonance Assisted Tunneling In Higher Dimensional Systems
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Gil, Laura
    Strong interactions in laser-driven atomic and molecular systems
    (Dr. T Pohl)

  • Grygiel, Barbara
    Quantum fields models for ultracold atoms in optical lattices
    (Dr. habil. T Zaleski)

  • Gohlke, Matthias
    Quantum Ice
    (Prof. R Moessner)

  • Hartmann, Richard
    Dynamics of open quantum systems via stochastic methods
    (Prof. W Strunz)

  • Hauptmann, Holger
    Stochastic dynamics of finite-temperature Bose gases
    (Prof. W Strunz / Prof. H Kantz)

  • Hollas, Daniel
    Modeling of light-induced processes: Development and application for reactions in solutions
    (Prof. P Slavicek)

  • Körber, Martin
    Semiclassical Analysis of Dynamical Tunneling in Mixed Systems
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Lehmann, Thomas
    Molecular electronics in planar systems
    (Prof. G Cuniberti)

  • Lezama Mergold Love, Talia
    Dynamics in the many-body localized phase and transition
    (Dr. J H Bardarson)

  • Ludwig, Tim
    Transport through magnetic molecules: a quantum master equation approach
    (Prof. C Timm)

  • Martinek, Tomas
    Interaction of polyvalent ions with model proteins and membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth)

  • Matysiak, Jacek
    Theoretical analysis of magnetic and thermodynamic properties of molecular rings
    (Prof. R Lemanski)

  • Medrano Sandonas, Leonardo
    Electronic and heat transport properties in low-dimentional materials
    (Prof. G Cuniberti)

  • Melcr, Josef
    Simulations of processes in cellular membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth)

  • Murray, Callum
    Quantum nonlinear optics in strongly interacting media
    (Dr. T Pohl)

  • Onken, Franziska
    Chaotic transport close to regular structures in 4D symplectic maps
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Ortmann, Lisa
    Interaction of ultra-short light with atomic and molecular systems: the study of electron dynamics on the attosecond time-scale
    (Dr. A Landsman)

  • Ostmann, Paula
    Quantum dynamics in ultracold environments
    (Prof. W Strunz)

  • Palivec, Vladimir
    The role of charged moieties in the structure and function of the glycocalyx: A simulation study
    (Prof. P Jungwirth)

  • Pathak, Manisha Taneja
    SPS Synthesis
    (Prof. Y Grin)

  • Patucha, Konrad
    Gauge field effects in optical lattices
    (Dr. habil. T Zaleski)

  • Polotzek, Katja
    Mathematical and computational aspects of the dynamics of extreme events
    (Prof. H Kantz)

  • Rehn, Jorge Armando
    Diagnostics of Unconventional Magnetism
    (Prof. R Moessner)

  • Rodriguez Hernandez, Fermin
    Adsorption of molecular hydrogen on nanostructured substrates
    (Prof. G Seifert)

  • Roy, Sthitadhi
    Dynamics and Topology in Condensed Matter Systems
    (Prof. R Moessner)

  • Rubesova, Martina
    Modelling transition metal complexes in liquid phase: Spectroscopy and photodynamics
    (Prof. P Slavicek)

  • Rubisch, Andreas
    Quantum effects in light-matter-interaction in finite systems
    (Prof. JM Rost)

  • Santana Bonilla, Alejandro
    Molecule-based Quantum Cellular Automata
    (Prof. G Cuniberti)

  • Schnell, Alexander
    Engineering Bose condensation far from equilibrium
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Schönleber, David
    Excitonic motion in Rydberg aggregates
    (Dr. A Eisfeld)

  • Sträter, Christoph
    Many-body physics in driven optical lattices
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Timr, Stepan
    Molecules in cell membranes
    (Prof. P Jungwirth)

  • Van Kruining, Koen
    Topology in light-matter interaction
    (Dr. J Götte / Prof. JM Rost)

  • Vorberg, Daniel
    Statisitchal mechanics of Floquet systems
    (Prof. R Ketzmerick)

  • Wagner, Matthias
    Approximation of partial barriers in Hamiltonian systems
    (Prof. A Voigt)

  • Walther, Valentin
    Semiconductor Cavity-QED with Interacting Exciton-Polaritons
    (Dr. T Pohl)

  • Werther, Michael
    Semiclassical Dynamics of Interacting Many Particle Systems
    (PD Dr. F GroƟmann)

  • Xypakis, Emmanouil
    Quantum transport in topological insulators and superconductors
    (Dr. J H Bardarson)